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Welcome to Déjà Vu

the most powerful and customizable Computer Aided Translation (CAT) system

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what working with the most powerful, customizable, flexible and productive CAT tool on the market can mean for you. The only tool designed for Intelligent Quality with the ongoing collaboration of an active user community. And the only tool to significantly increase productivity for texts with few or no translation memory segment matches.

"As they've already learned to work with other translation tools, my students learn to work with Déjà Vu in a few hours. They find it a strong and easy to use tool."

Arnout Horemans

"Ich kann mir das Arbeiten ohne Déjà Vu nicht mehr vorstellen!
Eine wunderbare Hilfe!"

Brigitte Valessa Steinke

"Ne pourrais plus m'en passer, bien que je ne maîtrise toujours pas toutes les fonctionnalités."

Jorinde Brokke