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Collot Baca Localization is looking for English > French subtitlers

الإرسال: Apr 8, 2021 19:04 GMT   (GMT: Apr 8, 2021 19:04)

Job type: ترجمة/مراجعة/تنقيح
Service required: Subtitling, Time Coding
Confidentiality level: MEDIUM

اللغات: أنجليزي إلى فرنسي

طبيعة العمل:
At Collot Baca Localization we are looking for experienced subtitlers who can translate from English into French.

We currently have a potential project which will begin on April 12th and will have rolling deliveries until May 28th. It will consist of different videos that need to be subtitled from scratch (translation+timecoding).

English scripts will be provided.

Candidates interested, please contact us at [HIDDEN] with your CV as well as some mentions of previous experience in subtitling.

We work with our cloud-based platform Ooona for creating subtitles, for which we will provide licenses and training materials. The platform is quite user-friendly and easy to use for anyone who has worked with subtitling Software before.

We are exclusively looking for individual subtitlers. Other agencies will be ignored.

Budget and payment details:
Budget information for this job is restricted to those who meet the requirements of the job.
طريقة السداد: تحويل بنكي
Payment terms: 60 أيام من تاريخ التسليم.
Poster country: سويسرا

هدف مقدم الخدمة (يحدده مرسل العمل):
العضوية غير الأعضاء يمكنهم تقديم العروض بعد 12 ساعة
info اللغة الأم المفضلة: لغات الهدف
حقل الموضوع: السينما، الأفلام، التلفزيون، الدراما
info البرامج المفضلة: Dreamweaver, EZTitles, Subtitle Edit, Subtitle Workshop
آخر موعد لتقديم العروض: Apr 11, 2021 21:00 GMT
تاريخ التسليم: May 28, 2021 21:00 GMT
متطلبات إضافية
Candidates must have previous experience in live captioning.
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