Working with Direct Clients: Adding Value to Translation Services

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Duration:60 minutes
Summary:Do you want to effectively search for and work with direct clients? I will share with you the results of my research (after speaking to my current customers). After this course you will be able to better understand the needs of your target audience and offer solid solutions to your customers. You will learn to look at the translation from the client's perspective, speak their language and provide effective and high-end solutions to their requests.
In one hour learn how to add value to your translation services and become a Translator who offers unique benefits and values to the customers.

As Freelance Translators we are used to look at translation services as process or simply as a text to be translated and proofread.
After focusing on cooperation with direct clients for the last two years and building a translation company of my own, I got to realize that direct clients look at translation services from an absolutely different perspective.

So, recently I conducted a small research and asked my current clients which values and solutions they see in translation. The results surprised me, because in every field people see translation differently. In this webinar I will share with your my hands-on experience and precious conclusions which I made after this communication. This helped me to become more client-oriented and significantly improve my business. If you want to achieve new goals and become a really appreciated professional when working with direct clients, join us at the webinar!

Some feedback from others on this course's trainer:

"Good English, attentive to audience, knows what she is talking about from experience."
Darya Gunay

"Great instructor and very effective methods. All of her advices worked like a charm into my work. My favourite trainer by far!"
Anastasia Giagopoulou

"Spot on. Packed with relevant information."
Sebastian Witte
Target audience
- Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
- Experienced freelancers who want to expand their clients database.
- Outsources who want to get new end clients.
Learning objectives
- By using techniques provided in this webinar you will jump to a new level in your translation business
- By providing comprehensive services you will build strong relationship with high-end clients you've always dreamed of
- Significantly increase your earning potential, as you will be able to charge more for your services
- Position yourself as an expert in your field
- Become appreciated!
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Plan of the course:

- Specifics of working with direct clients for a Translator
- Results of my research: which solutions direct clients look for when buying translation services
- Why translation never exists on its own: translation is always a part of a comprehensive business solution
- Adding value to your services: creating your own set of unique services and solutions for the target audience
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Anastasia Kozhukhova    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Anastasia Kozhukhova is certified English to Russian Legal, Marketing and Website Translator. Member of Union of the Translators of Russia, Member of Certified PRO Network and IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters). By cooperating with high-end clients from various countries and working in partnership with Marketing Experts from Great Britain, she learns a lot about international Marketing and current business tendencies which she actively uses in her translation business. Moreover, Anastasia conducts her own business trainings and individual consultations for translators, helping them increase their income and become really appreciated professionals.

Анастасия Кожухова - дипломированный переводчик английского и немецкого языков. Работает с такими тематиками как юридический и маркетинговый перевод, а также перевод вебсайтов. Сотрудничает с прямыми отечественными и зарубежными заказчиками, а также с зарубежными бюро переводов. Работает в партнерстве с маркетологами из Великобритании. Является членом Союза переводчиков России, сертифицированным переводчиком (Certified PRO Network), а также членом ассоциации IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters).

Анастасия углубленно изучает маркетинг и последние тенденции в продвижении бизнеса, активно применяет новые знания и навыки в поиске и сотрудничестве с заказчиками перевода, благодаря чему за полгода смогла увеличить свой доход от переводов в 11 раз. Кроме того, Анастасия проводит собственные тренинги и индивидуальные консультации по маркетингу, созданию сайтов и личному брендингу для переводчиков.
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