Starting your Translation Business 2019

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Topics: Getting established in the translation industry
Business of Translation and Interpreting
Software, tools & computing
IT security
OCR conversion
Productivity tools
Services and specialization
Overview of translation tools
Business skills for translators
Marketing for translators
Personal branding
Risk management for translators
Marketing tools for translators
Grow your translation business

Course summary
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Duration: 90 minutes

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Duration:90 minutes
Summary:This webinar intends to assist you in getting organized before you start, by providing you with the required information to take your first step in the right direction. It includes information about translation management, pricing policy, marketing strategy and plenty of tips!
If you just graduated or decided to pursue a second career as a professional translator, you are probably seeking information on how to start your new business from scratch. This course offers you guidance on how to start on the right foot.

What’s included:
• Software and online tools to get started
• Translation Management Tools (invoicing software)
• CAT-Tools (what you really need, what is free, what clients want)
• Promotion (how, where and how much it will cost)
• Potential customers (translation agencies, B2B clients, direct clients)
• Pricing policy (local market, international market, client variety)
• Experience (how to get there)
• Differentiation (what makes you stand out from the crowd)
Target audience
Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
Learning objectives
The scope of this webinar is to prepare you before you start your business, help you find your potential clients and position your business in the market. It provides plenty of tips to set up your business efficiently as a professional translator.
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• Introduction
• Hardware
• Software
• Resume
• Website
• Marketing
• Specialization
• Pricing
• Differentiation
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Price: 35.00 USD

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Created by
 Irene Koukia    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Irene Koukia was born in Germany.

She obtained the Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma from IATA/UFTAA in 1992 and successfully completed the One-year translator training program at meta|φραση School of Translator Training in 2010. She also obtained a diploma as a Personal & Business Coach from ILS GmbH in April 2015, and she is studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University.

She is working as a Technical Translator, mainly from German/English to Greek, at her own company, Metafrasma Ltd, since 2008. She also works as a Trainer for since 2011, and as a Tutor for meta|φραση School of Translator Training since 2015. She is the National Representative of STEMG for Greece, following the nomination by the HASDIG, providing training and certification for ASD-STE100.