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Alex ST posting from mobile shared:

I am available

  • Map
  • أنجليزي إلى أندونوسي
  • Chemistry;ChemSci/Eng
Frida Källström posting from shared:

I've just finished proofreading a Swedish wild game cookbook.

I finished an ESL to ENG project, economic development, 1275 words for Translators without Borders I used MateCat. Always happy to help Oxfam!

  • إسباني إلى أنجليزي
  • 1275 words
Maura Affinita posting from shared:

Anamnesi- 514 parole- Dall'italiano in spagnolo.

Cyber security website localisation

SSL certificates, Localisation, Cyberthreat, Cyberwatch

  • فرنسي إلى أنجليزي
  • 12000 words
  • Computers: Systems, Networks, Computers (general), Cybersecurity
  • MemSource Cloud
tilak raj posting from shared:

Birth Certificate Hindi to English

Kanako Fujiwara posting from shared:

Battery chargers for mobile devices. You may be surprised to hear that I enjoy it pretty much. Diamonds and more diamonds.

Jenn Mercer posting from shared:

Editing text for a video game.

  • فرنسي إلى أنجليزي
  • Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino
Merwyn posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

Reporting on the process of scholarly evolution, scholarly publishing and the scholarly record.

  • 6493 words
  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 68% complete

I finished an ESL to ENG project, Proofreading, 2781 words for Translators without Borders I used MateCat. Very useful and insightful experience

  • إسباني إلى أنجليزي
  • 2781 words

I finished an ENG to FRA project, Pharmaciens Sans Frontières, 3109 words for Translators without Borders I used Matecat. Great experience

  • أنجليزي إلى فرنسي
  • 3109 words
JaclynMae posting from shared:

Just finished a document on organizational behavior (impression management), Chinese to English, 6K+ words

Jessica Cade posting from mobile shared:

Patents - Just finished using SmartCat

  • إسباني إلى فرنسي
  • 5632 words
  • الفضاء الجوي \ الملاحة الجوية \ الفضاء
  • Other

I finished an ENG to FRA project, Technical general, 968 words for Translators without Borders I used SDL Trados, TWB Portal, Aegisub. Interesting E-learning course!

  • أنجليزي إلى فرنسي
  • 968 words

I finished an ENG to FRA project, Software translation/localization, 1976 words for Translators without Borders I used Matecat. Great experience

  • أنجليزي إلى فرنسي
  • 1976 words

I finished an ENG to FRA project, Technical general, 968 words for Translators without Borders I used SDL Trados, TWB Portal, Aegisub. Interesting E-learning course!

  • أنجليزي إلى فرنسي
  • 968 words
Olena Kozar posting from shared:

Video Tutorial Subtilting for a famous automobile brand, English into Ukrainian, 6000 words.

Kuba Kościelniak posting from shared:

Protocol synopsis, phase 2 study of pollen extracts in SAR patients, ca. 7k words

SAR, Allergy, IP

  • أنجليزي إلى بولندي
  • 7000 words
  • Medical (general), Allergies, Clinical studies
  • MemoQ
nika_wang posting from shared:

translating a manual named "KIA CA-12 Rapid RC Tester User Manual", about 10000 words.

  • أنجليزي إلى صيني
  • 10600 words
  • Engineering: Industrial, Electronics / Elect Eng
Ahmed Gad Elrab posting from shared:

The Medtronic CoreValve™ Evolut™ R system, Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), 1300 words

Yusuf Akhmadi posting from shared:

working on 8 pages mutual legal assistance request, long weekend bye bye

AncaPR posting from shared:

6 documents - insurance conditions and additional riders, Romanian to English for an insurance company - busy weekend and no day off on the 1st of May!

Henry Schroeder posting from shared:

Prüfung des Inhalts eines Verkaufsprospektes

Finanz, Recht

  • ألماني إلى أنجليزي
  • 6000 words
  • Finanz, Recht
lcstranslations posting from shared:

financial statements and more financial statements

I finished an ENG to HIN project, ecancer, 4846 words for Translators without Borders gained knowledge about caring for sick kids

  • أنجليزي إلى هندي
  • 4846 words
kirstycatriona posting from mobile shared:

Working on a 35,000 word website translation.

  • فرنسي إلى أنجليزي
  • السيارات \ المركبات والشاحنات
  • Other CAT tool
Marcos Broc posting from shared:

Translating 3,000 words of new product descriptions and marketing texts into Spanish for a regular final client specialised in engineered access hardware. It's amazing how industries are becoming so specialised these days. We don't even think about it, but the simple action of opening a door involves so much engineering work behind!

soluciones de acceso, mecánica, cerraduras, pestillos, marketing

  • أنجليزي إلى إسباني
  • 3000 words
  • Ingeniería: industrial, Mercadeo / Estudios de mercado, Mecánica / Ing. mecánica
Claudia H. P. Hoogewijs posting from shared:

I am currently working on a EN>PT legal translation project which includes Policy Privacy, Terms and Conditions, Partnership and Third Party Agreements documents, about 11000 source words, for a Pharmaceutical Company.

I finished an ENG to RUS project, Social sciences, 1067 words for Translators without Borders I used MateCat. Training material for CAFE

  • أنجليزي إلى روسي
  • 1067 words
Tomi Dobaj posting from shared:

Today (and yesterday) I have completed translating a SeaHub navigation networking application into English, and 2 manuals to Slovenian language for 2 models of power bench grinder tools.

navigation, watercraft, skippers, bench grinder, spark arrester

  • سلوفيني إلى أنجليزي
  • 3000 words
  • Ships, Sailing, Maritime, Engineering (general), IT (Information Technology)
Valeria Rivero posting from shared:

Statement in immigration proceedings, English to Spanish, 5000 words.

I finished an ESL to ENG project, Oxfam women project evaluation, 2836 words for Translators without Borders I used matecat. Inspiring project and extremely worthwhile cause!

  • إسباني إلى أنجليزي
  • 2836 words
Liliana Lopez posting from shared:

I just finished a medical manual related to thyroid anatomy, fisiology and pathology for a specialised publisher in Brazil.

  • إسباني إلى برتغالي
  • Medical
nika_wang posting from shared:

Translating Skill Track project from Knowledge Accelerators, batch 1 5990 words, batch 2 36490 words, and batch 3 is on the way. Total words for this project will over 60000 words. Really busy these days!

  • أنجليزي إلى صيني
  • 60000 words
Marcos Broc posting from shared:

Learning how to become a better professional by watching the online seminar by SDL, "Future-proofing your translation business - strategies for a long lasting, thriving career as a freelance translator". Very interesting insights. Some seem obvious but it's great when everything is put together into context with a systematic approach.

Esperanza P. Íñiguez posting from shared:

Operating, maintenance, and safety manuals for CNC lathes. English to Spanish translation. 51,000 words, for a global brand. Very interesting!

lathes, machine tool, machinery, CNC lathes

  • أنجليزي إلى إسباني
  • 51000 words
  • machine tool
Catarina Lopes posting from shared:

Proofreading several documents (B2B communication, articles and product descriptions) for a client in the luxury watch industry.

watches, luxury goods

  • 18000 words
  • Marketing / Market Research
unaldi posting from shared:

Translating an academic article on the methods for calculating heat requirements of greenhouses, from Turkish into English..

Jakub Hnidec posting from TM-Town shared:

Translating marketing materials for visibility sensor for road traffic.

visibility sensor, spider defence, long range

  • أنجليزي إلى بولندي
  • 388 words
  • marketing, ITS, engineering
  • Wordfast Pro 4
Vitaliy Parfeniuk posting from shared:

Clinical trial agreement

  • أنجليزي إلى اوكراني
  • 1950 words
  • legal, agreement, clinical trial
  • Wordfast
Patricia García posting from shared:

Tourism texts

Tourism, Marketing

  • أنجليزي إلى إسباني
  • Tourism
Estrella Bosch Giménez posting from shared:

Enjoying a small "coffe break" from translating by interpreting (ES, DE & FR <> ES) at the coffee international trade fair Eu'Vend & Coffeena in Cologne :0)

Joseann F-L posting from shared:

Health care, prothesis manual, it really makes me appreciate my healthy legs...

Stance flexion, swing flexion, swing extension, toe threshold, stumble recovery

  • أنجليزي إلى ألماني
  • 2500 words
  • Medical: Instruments, Medical (general)
  • Wordbee
Serhiy Ishchuk posting from shared:

Übersetzung der Beschreibungen der Arbeitsprozesse eines landwirtschaftlichen Betriebes

Susana Cirera posting from shared:

I have been translating subtitles of a series of little videos about political elections in France, and a 35 minute video on traveling the world.

  • فرنسي إلى إسباني
Magdalena Altieri posting from shared:

After a long, busy, hard work month of April, finishing my invoicing AND falling into this well deserved long weekend. I wish you a HAPPY workers day everybody on Monday!!

Vanda Nissen posting from shared:

Finished translation of a short script. It was a bit tricky due to the Russian grammar rules.

  • أنجليزي إلى روسي
Valeria Gramigni posting from shared:

Translating a certificate - always a challenge!

Jandayra Da Silva posting from shared:

Working on user manual for a printer

Jakub Hnidec posting from TM-Town shared:

well earned long weekend


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